White Sleeveless Blouse


Meet the blouse fabric working women should have had for decades. It rivals your silk blouse in its luxurious feel and drape, but are machine-washable. Plus, they’re made of 100% tree fiber, sustainably forested in Austria and impeccably woven in Switzerland.

Fit & Styling: A high neckline, clean lines, and a length that stays tucked in. Signature Citizen’s Mark fit: tailored but not sexy.

Fabric & Construction: 100% lyocell (tree fiber sustainably sourced in Austria), responsibly manufactured in Portugal.

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The brand works with leading European suppliers to meet an uncompromising commitment to a responsible global supply chain. They don’t just work with suppliers that are compliant – where they can, they work with pioneers in quality and sustainability – the people who are pushing the industry in the right direction.

Wool production that keeps streams clean.

Their 400+ year old wool mill in Biella, Italy is a leader in water conservation and purification –  ensuring only clean water re-enters the streams. The beautiful colors in Citizen’s Mark blazers never pollute water streams.

Biodegradable cotton seed lining

Made in Japan, their cupro lining is made of 100% cotton seed, making it luxuriously soft, breathable, and fully biodegradable, making putting a Citizen’s Mark blazer on a breeze.

A solar-powered living wage factory.

Their factory partner in Portugal sources 50% of its power from its photovoltaic solar panels, provides living wages its employees, and is a community leader in local economic development.



The Brand

“It was a revolutionary idea that shouldn’t have been so revolutionary.”

1. Design that projects credibility.

Does it convey credibility, thoughtfulness, and sophisticated sense that’s “kind but powerful”?

Whether it’s making sure the lapels on our blazer are just the right width, or getting rid of fussy design frills that slow you down, every design decision comes down to this: does it reflect the credible, influential woman you are?

2. Timeless classics that last a lifetime.

Every Citizen’s Mark piece must pass this test: will it take you through an entire phase of your career? In quality and style, we make sure our pieces can stand the test of time.

Every piece we make can compete to be your closet MVP – that blazer you choose every single time, that blouse you wear every week.

3. Scandinavian minimalism, Swiss precision.

Is every feature truly necessary, and every line cut to fit in a tailored, sharp, and clean way?

Clean and precise reflect every Citizen’s Mark product we release. Our Danish Creative Director hails from the Copenhagen Tailoring Academy, and both he and our founder were inspired by the precision that informed Swiss design, the country where they thought up Citizen’s Mark many years ago!