Who Is This Capsule For?

If you work in an industry that has a formal business dress-code, this capsule is for you. Some examples include: finance, management consulting, law and medicine

Our Five Criteria: How We Decide What’s Capsule-Worthy

We spend a lot of time (easily 100+ hours) reviewing each piece against our five criteria. If it didn’t win a unanimous ‘yes’ from our editors, it didn’t make it into a capsule

Impeccable craftsmanship

We review every stitch, fabric and detail to ensure it’s well made and built to last

Flatters every body

Our editors are all different sizes and embrace their shapes. The pieces we selected look stunning on all of them and got a unanimous ‘heck yes’ on their fit

Great value

It’s not price, it’s about value. We believe every piece is a worthwhile investment that will be a staple in your work wardrobe for years


Fashion is among the greatest industrial polluters on the planet. That’s why we reviewed manufacturing processes to ensure minimum impact

Empowerment and Ethics

Female garment workers in developing countries are vulnerable to dangerous working conditions and abuse. We believe that empowering workwear uplifts all women, and ensured every piece was made with transparent and high ethical standards

For a limited time we’re offering 20% off an entire capsule. Please contact us through our online form and let us know which capsule you’d like to buy.

 16 pieces – 84 outfits