We Searched the World for The Perfect Work Dresses. You’re Welcome.

Does anyone else feel like they’re constantly in search of that ultimate work dress? You know, the one that you can throw in your suitcase for any business trip, rely on to make that first impression or make you feel confident on your first day. The dress that flatters you, doesn’t upstage you and let’s you shine through. You throw it on with a pair of heels (or leggings when it’s cold), and suddenly you’re the Beyonce of your career. We went searching for the object of this love letter. We went through hundreds of designers and thought deeply about what makes the perfect power-dress, and how it’s the ultimate feminist statement. Scroll down to see our winning pieces or checkout what made it into our store.

Our journey began with sifting for the right style and fit. The perfect work dress fits like a glove and is universally flattering. We tested each dress on countless bodies of different sizes, shapes and backgrounds. A dress becomes a power-piece when it flatters and uplifts without discrimination. If the dress didn’t get a ‘heck-yes I love how it fits’ from our testers, it was a ‘heck-no’ for us.

We paid close attention to tailoring and quality of craftsmanship because we know that power-dresses get a lot of wear and tear, and need to last under pressure. They need to be durable and crafted with the power they’re going to exude. We put them on and ran to subway stations, spilled coffee on ourselves and subjected these dresses to all the chaos we could think of. They survived it all.

Finally, an empowering dress has to uplift from the inside and out. A dress that’s made in a sweatshop by women who aren’t paid fairly, is not a feminist statement and doesn’t truly empower. Sixty percent of fashion’s workforce are women aged 18-35 who live in developing countries, earn less than a living wage and often support their children. We decided that empowering dresses meant they not only make us feel like bad-asses, but also empower the women who made it. These dresses are made ethically and sustainably.

Here are our cult-favorite, editor-tested and rigorously reviewed finalists. We’ve featured these winning pieces on our site because we believe in them and want to make it easier for you to shop.

Finally, we realize that workwear isn’t a one-style-fits-all solution, that’s why we also created capsules for every work environment. Check them out!




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